Rachel Lambo

Rachel Lambo

CEO & Co-Founder
Sade Baron

Rachel is a marketing virtuoso with 14+ years of experience. She’s also a proud co-founder of Sade Baron, and loves consulting women entrepreneurs to help them create their own success. In 2016, Rachel founded her clean body care brand, Sade Baron with her mother, Sade to create highly effective body care with clean, nutritious ingredients to everyone. Since its launch in 2016, Sade Baron joined the shelves of 100+ retailers in Canada, the United States and the UK. Today, Rachel calls Canada her home. She’s multilingual—English, German, and a bit of Yoruba. Rachel’s grew up in Austria, Vienna. She’s also lived in Toronto, Calgary and New York City. All these international experiences made Rachel open to people, experiences, languages and curious of other perspectives. In her free time, she’s busy connecting with young entrepreneurs, reading a books, travelling and outdoor activities.

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Workshop: Elevate Your Business with Exporting

Strategies to growing internationally.

Presented by Export Development Canada

Selling into a new market is a proven way to grow your business as research shows that companies who export generate more revenue, are more innovative and more competitive. However, we understand that doing business abroad can be unfamiliar, but with the right community of advisors, partners and programs, you can see your business thrive on the international stage. Our panel of women entrepreneurs will share their expert advice and practical tips on how to the access and enter new markets, including:

  • Dispelling the misconceptions about exporting and how to develop a global business mindset
  • Discussion of the Canadian trade ecosystem including key partners and organizations and how to develop your network and set yourself up for success
  • Importance of developing a strong relationship with your lender and/or investors and other alternative approaches to access capital to grow your business
  • Tips from entrepreneurs who have gone global at different phases of their export journey