Myriam Francisque

Myriam Francisque

National lead, Inclusive Trade, Black and racialized exporters
Export Development Canada

As EDC’s national lead for Black and racialized exporters, Myriam dreams of an equitable economic system where all businesspeople, regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender, will have a seat at the table and benefit from the same opportunities and support. She strives to create generational wealth and economic power through capacity-building, unbiased access to capital and equity awareness.

As a former entrepreneur, and having worked on three continents, Myriam brings passion and energy to her new role in supporting Canadian business owners. She will continue to deepen EDC’s understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the Black and racialized exporter communities, to advance the long-term strategy and solutions for serving these markets and to help them achieve their global ambitions.   

Myriam has more than 15 years of experience in the field of international trade and has worked in both the private and public sectors managing various portfolios and projects focused on trade, business development and innovation—with an emphasis on Black and racialized businesses. She holds a master’s degree in international business law obtained in France and the United Kingdom and has a post-graduate degree in finance and management from the London School of Business and Finance.

11:00 am - 11:45 am

Workshop: The Power of Authenticity: Growing Your Business Your Way

Presented by Export Development Canada

Being authentic and staying true to your values isn’t easy when growing a business in Canada or abroad. For many women entrepreneurs, making a positive change in the world, by solving a community gap, addressing social justice or reducing their impact on the environment is a top priority. But there’s no one-size-fits-all way to achieve success. It takes perseverance, trusted networks and unwavering confidence to grow a sustainable, values-based company.

Join Myriam Francisque, EDC’s national lead of Inclusive trade, Black and racialized exporters, for a 45-minute chat with three inspiring women entrepreneurs who grew their business based on their values and discovered it gave them a competitive advantage. Though they are at different stages of their business journey, our panelists never lost track of their vision as they scaled their business and expanded into new markets. To help women owners of small- to medium-sized companies, like themselves, they’ll share their stories and offer advice on how to:

  • Leverage authentic storytelling to strengthen your brand for long-term success
  • Position your business for its unique value proposition and use it as competitive advantage
  • Create meaningful change and sustainable growth without compromising your values
  • Find partners and clients aligned with your vision who can champion your business