Miriam Tuerk

Miriam Tuerk

Co-Founder & CEO
Clear Blue Technologies

Miriam Tuerk, the Co-Founder & CEO of Clear Blue Technologies, leads a global initiative with systems spanning 45 countries. Clear Blue specializes in providing clean, managed, wireless, and hybrid power solutions. These systems operate anywhere, anytime, and are remotely managed through an advanced Cloud platform. Leveraging Big Data, predictive analytics, and innovative power electronics, Clear Blue ensures the reliable and cost-effective operation of mission-critical off-grid and hybrid systems. With Smart Power technology, Clear Blue offers the industry's most dependable off-grid and hybrid power solutions, minimizing both upfront capital and operational expenses.

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Workshop: Go Global: Expanding Beyond Canada's Borders

Presented by the Trade Commissioner Service

In today’s ever evolving world, it is important to build resilience and capacity - diversifying your client base and growing globally helps you achieve this. With over 99% of potential customers located outside of Canada, exporting should be a crucial part of your business plan. Join us and learn from our panel of leading women in tech founders and the strategic key decisions they have made to grow their business globally.

Our panel, featuring tech entrepreneurs who have gone global at different phases of their business journey, will share their experiences, advice, and practical tips on how to enter and grow in new markets, including:

  • How to evaluate and choose which markets to explore
  • How to mitigate and manage the risks of exporting
  • Key resources to help you on your exporting journey