Laura Burget

Laura Burget

Three Ships Beauty

Laura Burget is the co-founder of Three Ships, an effective and natural skincare brand focused on transparency, that is transforming the clean beauty space with accessible products. From farm to shelf, each product includes science-backed plant-derived ingredients, no fillers or chemicals, and is housed in 100% recyclable packaging. Better for the planet and better for the skin, Three Ships promises to deliver uncomplicated skincare backed by natural ingredients and real science. Laura spearheads product innovation and formulations, operations, back-end production and financials.

Laura is a life-long supporter of businesses with high ethical standards. Her journey into
entrepreneurship began at the ripe age of 9 when she sold handmade crafts and jewelry at her elementary school to raise money for endangered animals. While in school at the University of Toronto for Chemical Engineering, she even ran two businesses on the side. It was through these experiences that she fell in love with entrepreneurship and became fascinated with creating something from nothing.

She began using coconut oil to remove makeup naturally but was frustrated by the mess it created. After looking for a natural, yet effective and more convenient alternative, Laura was unable to find anything on the market. In 2016, a mutual friend introduced Laura to Connie Lo. Both frustrated about the lack of affordable, clean skincare on the market, the two took their $4,000 CAD and began creating their own formulations in their apartment kitchens with the goal to one day create the most transparent natural beauty brand in the world. In 2017, Three Ships was officially born.

When Laura is not focusing on Three Ships, she enjoys hikes outside of the city, going to the gym, exploring new restaurants with friends, and participating in any form of competition (especially board games).

Laura is in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2022, winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year® in Ontario (2022), RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur of the Year (2021), and appeared on CBC’s hit show Dragons’ Den (Canada’s Shark Tank).

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