Denise Taschereau

Denise Taschereau

CEO & Co-Founder

Denise is the chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Fairware.Denise got the idea to launch Fairware when she noticed how difficult it was to source promotional merchandise that reflected the social and environmental priorities of many of the brands she admired.

Prior to starting Fairware, Denise spent seven years as the Director ofSustainability and Community for Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada’s largest outdoor retailer. At MEC, she oversaw the Co-op’s national environmental programs, community grant-making and ethical sourcing programs, and wrote their award-winning first Sustainability Report.

She is currently a board member of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). PPAI is the largest non-profit trade organization for suppliers and distributors of promotional products. Denise is also a board member of Promocares, a group working to inspire, educate and provide actionable strategies to encourage social and environmental responsibility in the promotional products industry. Denise was a member of ETSY’sManufacturing Advisory Board, a Board Member with the Green MeetingIndustry Council and the past co-chair of Vision Vancouver.

Learn more about Fairware’s first Impact Report.

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