Catherine Addai

Catherine Addai

Kaela Kay

Catherine Addai is a CEO, designer and lead stylist of Toronto-based clothing label Kaela Kay. In 2012, Catherine's mother gifted her a sewing machine, and in 2013 she debuted her first collection. Catherine earned a degree in Health Informatics and worked up the corporate ladder for ten years before quitting her job in 2017 to focus on running her passion side-hustle full time. In 2019, Catherine opened a retail boutique, growing a team and a six-figure business she is proud of. Catherine is a mom and a wife who values balance and pursuing her passion through her business.

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

Decision Points: Your Edge to Success

How to approach key strategic decisions, from the tiny to the tremendous.

Presented by Export Development Canada

If decisions determine destiny and you are responsible for your choices and decisions, how can you make decisions that align your inner peace, wellness, values, business growth and success? Join us and learn about significant, real-life business decisions of our panel of entrepreneurs and their strategy behind when and how key business decisions were made.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to avoid making decisions out of fear.
  • Why results-based and long-view decision making leads to better outcomes.
  • How to create an effective process for decision-making.