Northumberland CFDC is proud to work with Media Partners committed to supporting women entrepreneurs to succeed. Explore our Media Partners by clicking their logos below. 

Liisbeth Media

LiisBeth–Canada’s only women-led, nonprofit feminist entrepreneurship magazine. We feature, support and advocate for women, queer and trans enterprise founders working to create sustainable, generative right livelihoods for themselves and others while at the same time, kicking oppressive, extractive cultural, political and economic systems and norms to the curb. Our freedom dream envisions a liberating, inclusive, fair, life affirming world enlivened and supported by a healthy planet, just enterprise work and care-centered, democratic economies by 2030. Why LiisBeth? Find out. Sign up for our exclusive 7x/year newsletter today (free) at  

Safi Media

Advancing global gender equity one women-owned business at a time. 

Safi Media is an education and business coaching company that backs bold women leaders who are advancing gender equity through entrepreneurship.

Everything we do at Safi Media is reverse-engineered to produce our vision: Advance a model of economic growth that nourishes the planet, one woman-owned business at a time. To accomplish this vision, we have set an ambitious mission: double the number of women-founded companies that sustainably scale past $1M+ in annual revenue by 2030 through business coaching, entrepreneurship education and storytelling with a gender lens.

Safi Media supports women entrepreneur through a range of initiatives geared towards women at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey: 

  • Free tools and resources geared to help women scale their businesses
  • Business advice and thought leadership with a gender lens 
  • Ecosystem connectors like webinars and roundtables
  • The Power + Presence + Position 8-week business accelerator 
  • The Incubator, a year long advanced coaching program 

Award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and business coach, Eleanor Beaton, founded Safi Media in 2015. As the host of the Power + Presence + Position podcast, with over 1.6 million downloads to date, Eleanor has reached millions of women around the world, helping them to unlock their leadership and entrepreneurial potential. 

“When women earn, we all win.

Eleanor Beaton 

Watershed Magazine

Watershed is your Community Voice. Watershed focuses on life in Northumberland, Quinte West, Belleville and Prince Edward County – the cultural and physical landscapes, the people, their stories and their histories. Now in its 21st year, Watershed’s unique editorial blend of rural charm and urban sophistication has earned the magazine an exclusive, loyal readership. Each issue of Watershed comes with new insight on a diverse and curated range of topics. Our large format and beautifully designed pages are welcomed in 25,000 homes, businesses, cultural venues and restaurants in the region, and throughout southern Ontario, each and every issue.